25th anniversary of EIB

Eusko Ikastola Batza -EIB- (a basque education association) has celebrated its 25th anniversary. 4 schools (Lauaxeta and Lauro from Bizkaia, Ekintza from Gipuzkoa and Olabide from Araba) got together in 1986 to create a common project. The main aim of the EIB was to defend the autonomy of these schools and their education projects.
Nowadays, 12 ikastola (basque schools) are memebers of the EIB (Artxandape, Begoñazpi and Karmengo from Bilbao; Berakruz from Markina-Xemein, Lauaxeta from Zornotza, Lauro from Loiu, Olabide from Vitoria-Gasteiz, Txomin Agirre from Ondarroa; San Fidel fromGernika-Lumo, Ekintza and Mariaren Bihotza from Donostia) with more than 10.000 students, that represents the 25% of the ikastola''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s sector.
During these 25 years, EIB has contributed to the defense of euskera (basque language) and basque culture, not forgetting to develope innovative education projects. These projects have been awarded by several institution and EIB is the organization with more excellence awards of all education associations. (an Award, two Prize and two european finalists, three gold "Q"s and seven silver ”Q”s awarded by the Basque Government, two prizes of the Science and education Ministry ...).
    ARTXANDAPE (Bilbao)
     BEGOÑAZPI (Bilbao)
     BERAKRUZ (Markina-Xemein)
     EKINTZA (Donostia)
     KARMENGO (Bilbao)
     LAUAXETA (Zornotza)
     LAURO (Loiu)
     MARIAREN BIHOTZA (Donostia)
     OLABIDE (Gasteiz)
     TXOMIN AGIRRE (Ondarroa)
     SAN FIDEL (Gernika-Lumo)